Homecare for #palliative #patients

I just spoke on the phone with a friend and I have permission to share this story.

she wanted me to tweet it, but this will be faster.

homecare in Ontario especially  is lacking.

my friend’s father is dying at home and is getting Psw daily 7 days a Week.- and family members are doing every evening and every night shift and filling in other shifts when a Psw can’t fill day shifts.

It’s been five months, with dad deteriorating and needing increasing care for positioning , personal care etc.

during the 5 months there have been 3 beds break and it’s such a huge and stressful situation to correct this problem

first call CCAC

the last bed was just delivered i weeks ago.  It has just broken again after one week!  what kind of beds are CCAC providing?  Realize that every bed that breaks involves a huge stress and causes much discomfort for this man – who needs to be lifted out of his bed with a sling and a lift and placed in a wheelchair while his bed is taken away and a new one set up.

the sling, wheelchair and lift have to be brought to this patient’s house each time the bed breaks.

did I say this man is palliative?

He has oxygen 24/7 – he has one lung only that is functioning.

this seems like more of a discomforting way to treat someone in his last days and weeks.  Often family have to call a nurse and wait for her to arrive and be part of a team in order  to provide personal care or reposition while he chokes and gasps for breath.

In November the local hospital admitted this man because he needed treatment for open sores.  He stayed five days.  Hospital staff treated the family by shaming them into taking him home and insisted they didn’t provide palliative care and family should step up to the plate.

It’s hard to believe this is Canada.  It feels like end of life doesn’t matter enough.  It feels like we are told we will get palliative and end of life care…but what you are given is – the option to die at home with your family stressed to the max and a shot if morphine on hand for the end of life when it comes?

and assisted dying is frowned upon by so many?

Give me the option to say  what I want when my end of life comes

i don’t like the option I hear from friends who are trying to support their loved ones