PostScript to my last post

Well, here is the final note to my earlier post on shortage of family doctors in my province.

I attempted to reach out to the doctors in a local clinic in town.  If you recall the doctor at the walk in clinic gave me a list of 32 names – many new docs in town who were anxious and looking for patients.  That is what I was told.

Unfortunately for me, every single doctor is full to the brim with patients and unable to take more.  I couldn’t leave my name on a list of patients looking for doctors – so I am stymied, confused and wondering why I would be told there are available doctors when there aren’t?

Sometimes I feel like the proverbial Mushroom, in the dark and up to my neck in…well you know..

I will continue to keep looking, continue to hope that the many others like me will soon have a family doctor as well.

It is one week til Christmas – so I wish you all  Holiday Greetings and hope you experience Peace, Joy and Happiness.  Thank you for reading.



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