15 Little Known Facts about me – challenged by my blogger buddies

In response to others I follow like Marie Ennis O’Connor @JBBC ,  Isabel Jordon @seastarbatita , Carolyn Thomas @heartsisters and many others who are such excellent bloggers – here is a list of the top 15 little known facts about me.

To begin with

1.  I was made aware recently of proof that my mom took me on the Queen Elizabeth in December 1949 on a voyage to meet my grandparents in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England.  My first and last visit with my grandparents.  I did know about the trip but I had no idea that I had spent 3 months in England.  I can’t imagine my mom making that trip with me in those days.   Not very kid friendly for travel


What a cutie pie huh



2. I lived from 1959 to 1964 in Churchill Manitoba, a remote Arctic community with an attached miliary base – my father was a Pentecostal preacher and roamed Canada to preach and help others.  I think it was in Churchill that I became very aware of poverty and the plight of Aboriginal peoples.  I will always remember some coming to sell blueberries door to door to make money.  Not only did my family buy the berries but they invited them in to have a meal, and sent them on their way with a full belly and a sermon (yep that was my dad)

3. I was a poor student, probably always had my head in the clouds.  Bad at Math, still am.  Would rather try to write or plan to run away from home.  I was a great reader and escaped my world in the pages of others.  I still enjoy reading, not to escape but more to learn, to understand, to experience.

4.  I have a fear of water, because I tried to jump off a pier once that I thought was a safe depth for me.  I ended up over my head in water and as a non-swimmer thought that was going to be the end of me.  I didn’t go back in the water for the rest of the summer…dabbled my toes in the sand.  I know how to swim now – just enough to save my life if I had to:)

5.  I have lived in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and moved around a lot with my family as a child, and also as an adult.  I was born in Exeter Ontario, after 3 days of labor – breech and with the cord around my neck 3 times.  I was told I was lucky to survive.  I think it was more that I wasn’t ready to face the world…always the chicken!

6.  My first volunteer job was working as a “candy Striper” in a local hospital in Estevan Saskatchewan.  That led me to my career of caregiver – and my eventual training as a Personal Support Worker.  That was the only big certificate I ever got for education.  I was top of my class.  I was aged 50 when I graduated and carried on working full-time til retirement at 60 yrs of age.  I had done many other jobs early in my life as a nurse’s aide.  Caregiver genes:)

7. I love music.  I love it live, loud and I can sing along.  I have seen live Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman. The Oakridge Boys, Tommy Hunter, Gordie Tapp, The Nylons, The Canadian Tenors, you name it I will attend.  Years of living in isolation gives you a hunger for entertainment, live theatre, music.

8.  I lived in Moosonee, Ontario for 20 years with a couple of small side trips to Porquis Junction (look that one up) and Kirkland Lake.  Northern Ontario is in my blood.  Northern Canada for that matter.   Living in isolation with a population of 1000 souls, one store, no theatres, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, no roads out to the rest of the world – gives you a viewpoint that not many will understand.  You have to live it to get it.  It gives you a great appreciation of life in the larger centres.  I don’t pass up many opportunities to see anything Live, Free, or even with admission price.  I enjoy fairs, pow wows, craft sales, anything and everything:)

9.  I learned to crochet and knit from ladies in my dad’s church.  I wasn’t allowed to go and do things that most others my age did – movies, parties, etc.  I enjoy creating things and am happy to share anything I can make.  It is like my gift to others – something of Me goes into the things I create.  I know other amazing creative souls on Twitter.  I believe they will agree with me that creativity is a gift that is to be shared.

10.  My favorite food is comfort food, shepherds pie, pizza, home-made soups, My mom created the best food for us – out of many rough kitchens with wood burning stoves.  That is a challenge.  I never learned how to make pie crust though.  I still can’t.  Mom was the best cook.  I am a simple cook – straight from the heart to the tummy:)

11.  My other favorite foods are Chocolate and Coffee and I am delighted when the Internet tells us another great thing about the so-called bad foods we eat and drink.  Try and stop me:)

12.  My childhood was full of bullies.  I was afraid to go to school, to take walks, to feel safe.  I still fight that feeling and that is why I try to help others – fight for others.  I am now a senior and I see that seniors get pushed around too.  It’s time to stand tall and be brave.

13. I have traveled to various parts of the world – one of them being Hawaii (7 times)  I guess that is why I love social media and new forums like Periscope and Twitter that brings us the world to where we are.  Living in isolation for so many years I am now craving seeing more, and re-visiting by virtual tours – places I was fortunate enough to visit.

14.  I didn’t grow up wealthy,  I have had bedside tables that were glorified orange crates with a curtain with a wire holding it in place.  I was very proud to have simple things.  I still am.  I don’t judge others by where they live – or what they have, I know it is about what is inside, what the person is like that matters.

15.  Whew, I didn’t think I could get to 15 things about me.  I might be able to do another 15!  The last thing I will tell you is – I never tire of seeing a sunset, watching a storm, listening to the wind, and will always feel soothed by ocean waves and streams.

If you liked my list – as I have enjoyed reading others – please write your own list on your blog and share.  Thank you for reading.


10 thoughts on “15 Little Known Facts about me – challenged by my blogger buddies

  1. HI Natrice, it was nice to learn a bit more about you – and you’ve had some exciting destinations in your life – I wonder if we might have passed each other on the street before and smiled unknowingly – perhaps in Churchill, or maybe Exeter? Place I’ve been. This was a delightful read and I miss this kind of stuff; getting to know a little more about someone. Fun! Harlon

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  2. This was just wonderful — and now I know lots more new things about you before we meet at Stanford (I have a feeling we will be room-mates!) Alice Monroe is one of my all time favorite writers and reading the list of places you have lived in reminded me so much of reading her stories. Like you I love comfort food (a little too much!) I made a shepherds pie yesterday and thought of you 😉


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  4. Natrice, I LOVED reading your list. I’m so sorry you were bullied; it’s really an awful thing. I’ve had my share of bullies. I’m glad reading is so wonderful; I’m an avid reader, but I don’t have as much time as I’d like for reading. Overall, a great list. I participated in this challenge, and the link to it is http://bethgainer.com/15-random-facts-about-me/


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