Summer Mini-Vacation

This story is about Summer Day Trip for someone who is total care…my granddaughter.

I can’t say enough about the place she lives and the nice people who work there.  Not only do they have families of their own, but they give from the heart every single day they work.  They don’t push papers, they don’t lift boxes, and they don’t punch a cash register.  They do a very different job of personal care, dressing, feeding, socializing and delivering love and attention to their charges.

On Friday my granddaughter and another resident of the home went off on a day trip with their caregivers.  The excitement must have been tangible in the air.  This was a special day trip.    This was an exciting trip to see Polar Bears and a Pioneer Village.


I wasn’t sure how the day would go – it was a big trip and a long day but the pictures said it all.

Many of us take it for granted that vacations for kids happen, that they all interact and can run and play.  But my granddaughter and others can’t .  They needs everything done for them.  They wouldn’t have a “vacation” without hands-on caregivers who get them to the location, who encourage them to try new experiences.   Luckily the group home has a wonderful “red Van” with plenty of room, lots of windows, and places to tie down safely – the residents.  The staff plan weekly adventures to concerts, appointments and places like the Polar Bear Park in a nearby town.  The residents Know when they go out in the van, that they are about to have fun of some kind – whether its a visit to the lake , McDonald’s or the Polar Bear Park!ducks1

RedVanSo Friday was special.  Friday was a blast!  Friday’s photographs warmed the heart of our family.



Polar Bear swimming

Can you feel the excitement?  I can!

The day was a success!


Polar bears made the day special.  The home staff made it possible to have this moment in time.

Adventures can be simple.  Adventures can be close by.  Adventures matter for us all.  I am so happy that yesterday was an adventure that made two people very happy!

This is what makes life special  – being included no matter what it takes.

I just wanted to share my good news story with my readers.


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