Fighting the Stigma

What is Stigma?

The words in this definition ” a severe social disapproval of personal characteristics or beliefs that are against cultural norms”

Nowadays I am not sure what the “norm” is.   I see that the “norm” is that there are many more people talking about mental health issues and that is good.  What isn’t good is that there are still too many people who still are uncomfortable with discussing, sharing, and admitting that they or a loved one is struggling behind the scenes with that invisible but so real mental health issue.

The more I talk to people the more I see that there are many individual views…that even people who have known me for many years…says to me on the phone….”why do you say you struggle with “mental Health issues” ?   People will think you are “crazy”  “Just tell them you have Depression”

Here is what Wikipedia says about depression.

and here the definition of mental health

Words like Satisfactory levels of Psychological Well Being help us understand that there are many segments to the healthy mind.

Yes, I have depression…yes, I admit it…and I won,t stop saying so.  It is important that Patients speak out, that they do keep the conversations going.  If being depressed makes me “crazy” and makes people avoid me – then we have a lot more talking to do.


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