Caring about others

I have had a lot going on in my life lately.  I have been reflecting on the past few months and thinking about how I could have done things differently.  I tried very hard to help seniors and vulnerable who lived around me.  As a result I hope that good changes will happen.  I did create an opening for the truth, and discussions have begun that will help fix things that have been ignored for a long time.

When you see something wrong it is so easy to just turn away, to close the door, to just ignore what is happening.  But in my case I felt the need to stand up to a bully…in fact more than one.  The thing that made me do this was seeing older people, people with health and other issues, disabilities, and on assistance being ignored, being unheard and living in fear – feeling invisible.

I then became a target.  I don’t regret for a minute speaking out.  I don’t regret trying to make a difference.  I think it’s just as easy as that.  Trying Matters. It makes a difference –  it really does help others.

I am being called a hero by those who knew what I did.

I don’t feel like a hero.  But I feel like I made a difference and for me – that is enough.

I caught part of an interview on television this morning.  It was the father of a young girl who committed suicide after being assaulted targeted and bullied.  It seems to me that often people don’t want to see things, don’t want to step in or step up because it is just easier.   It is not easier for the victim.  It is not right to ignore someone in trouble or voiceless.

I hope that more people will reach out a hand to help others.  I really hope that today, this week, this month, this year – if you see something or someone who is in need…don’t be afraid.  Your help will give Hope, Value, and a Voice to the Voiceless.

We are – after all, part of a Community – it is this Earth we live on.  I can’t fix everything but I certainly can try to fix something, on my street, in my town, in my province, in my country – and so can you!


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