Online bullying…

Bullying is rampant both online and in real life. I totally agree with Kate and am saddened to hear her experiences. Personally I was a victim all my life, school yard, so-called friends and even people in positions of power contine to use their power to put me and others down. Several friends know my personal experience lately, therefore I stand with Kate in asking everyone to stand up to Bullies.

bullyLately, yet more ‘people’ online, who asked to be ‘friends’ on Facebook, have been dishing out what I felt was some extremely personal, mean and nasty feedback. I don’t even know if they are a really the people they say they are, or are using pseudonyms. Sadly, I thought we had resolved it privately, but it seems not as there was zero response to my last private message, replying politely to theirs.

This latest attack has not been to do with language, but regardless of that, it seems the very simple things like the right to request people do not use words and language that are offensive and considered disrespectful to many of us living with dementia, when used to label us publicly seems a hard one for others to come to grips with…

These people remind me of the school yard bullies, but online, and hiding behind false names.

Opinionated, self-righteous, and downright mean. Bring it on……

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